Medical Student Rotation

In addition to our normally rotating M3 students, we have the opportunity for two different 4th year rotations as well. For those needing an Acting Internship, we offer a traditional 4 week inpatient rotation that will give you an inside look at our program and the functioning of our inpatient service. You will be expected to manage patients directly with the senior resident and will have great autonomy with complex medical patients. We also offer a 3+1 audition rotation for those not needing the full 4 weeks for med school requirements. This rotation offers 3 weeks of inpatient paired with a week of rotation in our residency clinic to give a well rounded look into the residency. In the clinic, students will see and evaluate patients and chief to residents and attendings alike. You also have the opportunity to observe and assist in common outpatient procedures. We hope you will consider these opportunities. Please contact us if you have any questions. 

​To request a rotation on the family medicine service at RUHS, please log on to to submit your rotation request. Contact the GME office at (951) 486-5907 with any questions regarding the ClinicianNexus application.