Resident Wellness

As Chief of Wellness this year, my goal is to improve the quality of life of residents by making tangible modifications to factors that affect resident wellness in the following areas: 

Workplace Environment: Promote an environment conducive to learning, including a culture of open communication, addressing feedback from residents on needed improvements or inconveniences in the workplace, and encouraging empathy and compassion during the learning process. Even when work is hard, if you are doing it with people you enjoy being with, time flies, and this year we will continue to support resident camaraderie with extracurricular events, birthday celebrations, game nights, breakfast potlucks, and celebrating each other's' successes as a team.

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Education and Exam preparation: Optimize resident work hours and scheduling to be conducive for board exam preparations. CA-1's are given priority for extra time to study especially around the time of ITE and the Basic exam as a means to optimize their performance, lessen stress, and ensure they are well-rested and prepared for the exam. In addition, this year's goal is to improve the anesthesia learning center to be a comfortable place for residents to study and work. 

Mental Health: From guest lecturers discussing topics such as Resident Wellness, physician suicide, and sleep hygiene, our goal is to equip residents to the best of our ability for the rigors of residency. Attending mentors are assigned to residents, as well as a wonderful network of RUHS alumni available to provide fellowship and career advice. The mental health of residents is extremely important, and hence this year's efforts to emphasize the need for structural changes over damage control. 

In conclusion, by addressing the aforementioned, our goal is to ultimately optimize the mental health of our residents by improving their quality of life, and hence maximizing the potential and talents of each of our residents to become the well-rounded and strong physicians they were meant to be. I want to thank you for your time in reading this message, and please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions regarding this year's wellness initiatives. 


Pauline Karen Wong, DO 
RUHS Anesthesiology Class of 2021

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The Wellness Initiative