Our Curriculum 

At RUHS/UCR Family Medicine Residency Program we strive to provide the best education to our residents using the “Clinic First Model.”

In traditional methods, residents spent 1-3 half days per week in family medicine clinic. This model undermines the foundational principle and experience of continuity of care for residents, staff, and patients.

Clinic First Model is a new way of teaching in family medicine residency that places high value in continuity clinic experience for our residents. With the Clinic First Model curriculum, we have been able to eliminate the tension between inpatient and outpatient duties. We transitioned our traditional four week block schedule to mini-blocks which are one to two weeks each. Using this model provides the opportunity for our residents to avoid being absent from the continuity clinic for a long time. This also provides an opportunity to book most patients with the same primary care physician resident and the same primary care team. 

Thus far, the response to the Clinic First Model has been excellent. Residents have expressed increased wellness due to better continuity of care and better control of their schedules outside of the clinic and hospital. Our patients are happy to have long term relationships with their primary care physician, and better access to care. We are excited to learn more about how changing curricular structure for residency can improve healthcare and physician education.