Resident Projects

​​As a component of our curriculum, the residency program requires residents to actively participate in scholarly activities. While it is expected that residents will participate in research throughout their three years of residency, residents will begin a formal research project on a topic approved by the program director and the IRB Committee during the PGY 2 year. All residents are required to complete and present their original research project at the end of the PGY 3 year at both the UCLA Research Day Conference and Inland Research Forum. Residents are encouraged to submit their projects for presentation and or publication at professional regional and national meetings or in peer review journals.  

Research projects in the past few years have included clinical projects, health care systems research, patient education research, case reports and quality improvement projects. Our program is active in this area with several residents presenting their research at the Inland Empire Family Medicine Residency Exchange. During the past 5 years, these projects and presentations have won several awards at this annual research forum.